URAPIV was developed by the group of researchers at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Technion. Meanwhile, the department joint the Civil Engineering and now it is called the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
The group began to work at 1997 on the PIV implementation project to flow measurements of the air turbulent flows. The first project was the impinging jet if the two-fluid atomizer apparatus and it is documented in our paper to the 3rd PIV symposium in Santa Barbara, CA, in 1999, and the M.Sc. thesis of Roi Gurka.

The group is:

  • Dr. Uri Shavit
  • Dr. Roi Gurka
  • Dr. Alex Liberzon

Since then the URAPIV project has been transformed into OpenPIV project, www.openpiv.net

If you need to cite our work from 1997-2000, please use the following publication:

Gurka R., Liberzon A., Hefetz D., Rubinstein D. and Shavit U., “Computation of Pressure Distribution Using PIV Velocity Data”, 3rd International Workshop on Particle Image Velocimetry, Santa Barbara, California, September 6-18, 1999.

or in BibTeX format:

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