Gallery of URAPIV [in] motion

Here we intend to collect different snapshots of images and velocity vector fields, acquired by URAPIV users and analyzed by URAPIV, PyPIV and co. A kind of gallery of fluid motion by URAPIV

Bird flying in a tank seeded with small bubbles. It is dated back to 2000 and we unfortunately do not remember the name of the researcher. It was a biologist from UK, maybe Liverpool, maybe Bristol. In any case, we didn’t manage to analyze this image because it is of a special type of a single-frame and multiple-exposure images. When we started with URAPIV, the double-exposure was already replaced by the double-pulse principles and we didn’t program anything useful for this case. But it is still a beautiful shot.


Dusty plasmas, see the post on the blog page for more information.

St. Helen volcano eruption

St. Helen volcano eruption with the PIV result overlayed. An optical flow algorithm has been tested.

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